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Bergmann offers a full range of Forage Wagons developed to meet the exacting requirements of demanding Contractors and Farmers. With quality forage being at the heart of a successful and profitable livestock year it is important that grass is ensiled in the right way and at the right time. Bergmann Silage Wagons engineered with both performance and forage quality as priorities the Bergmann forage wagon range features many unique class leading features ensuring top quality silage is made which results top performance from the livestock.

As with all Bergmann machinery the leading performance comes from many incremental details which combine to produce a uniformed short chop, high work rates and gentle handling of the ground to maximise regrowth.

Pickup – Gentle, Ground Following and Adaptable.

The gentle, effective and contour hugging controlled pickup ensures a clean sweep minimising contamination and presenting grass to the direct feed drum without combining or straightening of the grass. Importantly with the increase in multi cut systems the controlled pick up performs in both heavy cuts and lighter later cuts alike and eliminates rolling or bulldozing grass in front of the pickup which reduces losses and presents the grass sideways onto the drum for a good chop. This ensures the performance of the silage wagon season long from lights cuts through to heavy cuts.

The hydraulically driven pickup on the New generation Forage wagons gives further versatility with the ability to match pick up speed to forward travel or crop conditions. the pick up can also be hydraulically reversed.

Silage Wagon Pick Up

Direct Feed Drum – Low Mounted – Low Power – Short Chop

The large diameter drum is mounted low in the silage wagon to give a direct feed from the pick up. This avoids any straightening of the grass, keeps moving parts to the minimum and power requirements low. With the high knife population and an optimised crop flow the Bergmann range lives up to the title of the Short Chop Forage Wagon.

Formge Wagon Short Chop

Direct Feed Drum – Sloping Steel Floor

The sloping steel floor to the wagons gives efficient loading with optimum compression of the forage to ensure loads are maximised without a high power requirement.

Forage Wagon Steel Floor

Running Gear

High capacity running gear ensures the forage wagon has a light footprint in the field and a smooth stable ride on the road. Grass regrowth is of optimal importance to ensure sward performance. The sophisticated hydraulic running gear ensures loads are distributed to give an easy pull and a light footprint ensuring swift sward regrowth.

Forage wagon hydraulic suspension

Forage Wagon from Bergmann with advanced short chop features

Forage Wagon Bergmann Carex

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