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Spinning Disc Spreaders

The renowned Bergmann TSW Spinning disk muck spreaders. Offering unrivalled accuracy whilst maintaining huge outputs. The ability to accurately apply manures and thereby maximise the use of the valuable nutrients with true precision. Suited for use in both Arable and Grassland systems.

Accurate Spread Pattern

Readily spreading manures from tramlines to over 30m. The performance of these spreaders is often classed as being of a different league.

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Bergmann have been producing muck spreaders, within their range of high quality high quality agricultural machinery, for over three generations.

The muck spreaders have established a strong reputation for build quality, technological innovation, and accuracy of spreading.

With capacities of Muck Spreader ranging from 12 to 34 tons and with a choice of both Vertical Beater machines or Spinning Disc - There is a spreader to suit all requirements.


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Designed For Spinning Disc

TSW spinning disc spreaders from Bergmann were developed to work specifically with discs. As such there are no compromises to the build concept unlike with many competitors.

We aim to supply precision spreaders to those users who demand the utmost in accurate application. Bergmann spinning disc spreaders set themselves apart with a host of details. These combine to give a class leading product that is often emulated.

With a wide range of models available, with varying specifications to suit many applications.

Please contact us to find out more and see how a Bergmann can work for you.

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The Muck Spreader For All Materials

Muck Spreader wide range of materials infographic

With a huge range of adjustments the Bergmann horizontal beater spinning disc machines excel at spreading all you have. The Universal spreader means one machine for all manures without compromise:

  • Cattle Manure
  • Pig Manure
  • Compost
  • Sludge
  • Chicken Litter
  • Lime
  • Heavy or Light Dressings


The unique Bergmann design holds no magic ingredient. Attention to details and many design features combine to give an accurate, wide, controlled spreading pattern.

Finley uniformly chopped material is evenly distributed across the wide spread width rather than having to rely on larger lumps going further than smaller pieces.

The universal nature of the spreader ensures it can cope with a wide range of materials from heavy long straw cattle muck, through composts, Chicken manures, Ag lime, recycled materials and all between.

Manures have accurately been spread at widths in excess of 30m and as such a Bergmann spreader can adapt to most tramline widths.


Bergmann is a member of the industry leading CCI partnership. Formed by a number of manufacturers to provide a common platform, hardware and software compatibility alongside common "apps". The system provides seamless integration with tractors ISOBUS screens but can also utilise the powerful stand alone CCI200 terminal for the ISOBUS control of its spreaders.

Fully Integrated ISOBUS

A fully integrated ISOBUS system means that signals such as tractor GPS data can be seamlessly shared amongst the machinery

Controls such as joysticks of an equipped tractor can also be assigned to the Bergmann machinery allowing full use of ergonomic joysticks, reduced operator fatigue and raising productivity.

The use of the common CCI hardware and the breadth of the CCI partnership ensures commonality across machinery and access to modern agricultural logistics applications. Offering managers the ability to plan jobs and route directions to operators or teams remotely knowing the machinery will arrive in the right place with the right information.

Precision Agriculture.

Precision agriculture software developed in house by Bergmann allows users to easily import variable rate application maps. Much as in the same way as they would with a prilled fertiliser applicator.

Precision ag variable rate map

Variable Rate Application - Manures

Files can be imported or exported by USB stick or remotely via mobile data networks with GSM coverage.

The software can record and readily export application data and job summaries to allow for easy record keeping and nutrient management.

Precision Ag task control

Automatic section control is also available to facilitate the automatic adherence to no spread zones and to further replicate the association with applying traditional crop inputs.

Weigh Cells manure spreader. Precision muck spreader.

Weigh Cell Manure Spreaders

High precision weigh cells secure the body to the chassis and check the weight of the material once every second.

The weigh cells communicate via the ISOBUS. Due to this integration the system can then record the weight of product applied over a given area By utilising GPS signals the system can record the application rate in any given position.

ISOBUS weigh cell spreader

Computer power alone can’t influence the spread pattern and here by harnessing the exceptional material distribution and spread widths of the Bergmann spreaders, along with cutting edge data recording systems opens opportunities for utilising manures within a modern cropping system.

A common theme across the Bergmann Range is the high performance running gear.

High capacity axles are used which are designed to be mounted with large radius wide flotation tyres and often specified with the steering axles.

Rugged suspension using either high capacity springs or the renowned Bergmann hydraulic suspension ensures the machines are gentle on the ground, easy to pull and stable across the fields and roads alike.

Bergmann build quality agricultural machinery. Ludwig Bergmann GmbH,  a family firm, manufactures industry leading, carefully designed, engineered and fully developed machinery from its large facilities in Goldenstedt - Bremen in North West Germany. This has been the case for over 120 years.

The quality and heritage of the machines can be seen in a multitude of small details that when combined have a big impact.

The factory produces machines using  the latest production methods centering around a proven series line production method. A comprehensive list of options permits customers to tailor the specification to their needs rather than the production of errant one offs.

Utilising in house resources ensures control of quality and allows machines to be designed and built uncompromised for end performance rather than relying on third party suppliers.

Large build runs facilitate efficiencies of scale,short lead times and product availability.

This wishing to see the build process for themselves are welcome to join us for a visit.


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muck spreader being loaded by 360

The Full Range Of Spinning Disc Spreaders

We can offer a full range of Spinning Disc Spreaders from Bergmann. This ensures the right machine is available for each customers needs. We are more than happy to discuss the varying merits of the models and your given application to help select the right machine for you.

Capacities from 12 to 34 tons are available with simple controls right through to full ISOBUS and variable rate application.

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Bergmann Triaxle spreader details

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