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Bergmann have been producing muck spreaders, within their range of high quality high quality agricultural machinery, for over three generations.

The muck spreaders have established a strong reputation for build quality, technological innovation, and accuracy of spreading.

With capacities of Muck Spreader ranging from 12 to 34 tons and with a choice of both Vertical Beater machines or Spinning Disc - There is a spreader to suit all requirements.


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Spinning Disc Spreaders

The renowned Bergmann TSW Spinning disk spreaders. Offering unrivalled accuracy whilst maintaining huge outputs. The ability to accurately apply manures and thereby maximise the use of the valuable nutrients. Suited for use in both Arable and Grassland systems.

Accurate Spread Pattern

Readily spreading manures from tramlines to over 30m. The performance of these spreaders is often classed as being of a different league.

bergmann muck spreader chicken litter stubbles

Spinning Disc by Design

Spinning disc spreaders from Bergmann were developed to work specifically with discs. As such there are no compromises to the build concept unlike with many competitors.

We aim to supply precision spreaders to those users who demand the utmost in accurate application. Bergmann spinning disc spreaders set themselves apart with a host of details. These combine to give a class leading product that is often emulated.

With a wide range of models available, with varying specifications to suit many applications.

Please contact us to find out more and see how a Bergmann can work for you.


Variable Rate Spreading.

Powerful bespoke software provides easy access to variable rate spreading on manures.

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Precision Ag variable rate spreader


Spreader Running Gear

Sturdy and stable spreader running gear

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running gear Bergmann spreaders

Weigh Cell Spreaders

Pioneers in the use of weigh cells on spreaders along with in-house software systems

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weigh cells mounted on spinning disc spreaders from Bergmann

Spreader Build Quality

Spreaders built for performance without compromise.

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Bergmann spinning disc spreader build quality

Spinning Discs - Accurate Spread Pattern

Discover how Bergmann achieve class leading Width and Accuracy.

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spinning disc spreader precision spread pattern

ISOBUS Spreader

ISOBUS spreader software is developed in house to ensure usability and performance.

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ISOBUS control Bergmann spreaders

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Spinning Disc Spreaders - Designed To Perform In All Materials


With a huge range of adjustments the Bergmann horizontal beater spring disc machines can spread most products. The Universal spreader means one machine for all manures without compromise:

  • Cattle Manure
  • Pig Manure
  • Compost
  • Sludge
  • Chicken Litter
  • Lime
  • Heavy or Light Dressings



muck spreader being loaded by 360

Spinning Disc Spreaders - A Full Range

We can offer a full range of Spinning Disc Spreaders from Bergmann. This ensures the right machine is available for each customers needs. We are more than happy to discuss the varying merits of the models and your given application to help select the right machine for you.

Capacities from 12 to 34 tons are available with simple controls right through to full ISOBUS and variable rate application.

Bergmann 2120 model info graphic

2140E model info graphic

bergmann spreader 3140 details

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Bergmann spreader TSW5210 infographic

Bergmann TSW6240 details

Bergmann Triaxle spreader details

Swap Body spreader details

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