Build Quality – Bergmann Spreaders

Bergmann build quality agricultural machinery. Ludwig Bergmann GmbH,  a family firm, manufactures industry leading, carefully designed, engineered and fully developed machinery from its large facilities in Goldenstedt - Bremen in North West Germany. This has been the case for over 120 years.

The quality and heritage of the machines can be seen in a multitude of small details that when combined have a big impact.

The factory produces machines using  the latest production methods centering around a proven series line production method. A comprehensive list of options permits customers to tailor the specification to their needs rather than the production of errant one offs.

Utilising in house resources ensures control of quality and allows machines to be designed and built uncompromised for end performance rather than relying on third party suppliers.

Large build runs facilitate efficiencies of scale,short lead times and product availability.

This wishing to see the build process for themselves are welcome to join us for a visit.