Bergmann Repex

The Bergmann Repex range of forage wagons with capacities from 28 -35 m3 is aimed at the popular mid range market.

Featuring many of the class ranging features of the larger loader wagons within a compact package and with minimal horse power requirements.

A heavy duty power train rated to over 300hp drives the large diameter, high capacity rotor. An optimised grass flow presents crop to the 41 knives with a technical chop length of 35mm.

Externally mounted hydraulic gearbox drives to the floor chains ensures rapid turn around times at the clamp.

The Repex range of wagons can now optionally be offered with the hydraulic running gear featured on the larger Carex and Shuttle ranges. This now means that the Repex truly is a high output wagon within a compact form.

bergmann repex 31s silage trailer

Sloping Steel Floor

The Repex is the first of the Bergmann forage wagons to feature the sloping floor constructed in steel.

The sloping floor facilitates the mounting of the drum low and directly behind the pick up. This positioning presents the grass directly to the drum and knives without straightening. Grass needs to be presented side ways on to the knives for the best cut and minimising the distance it has to travel before getting chopped is key. The steel floor also adds strength and a long life to the wagon when compared to wood.


The Repex is prepared ISOBUS ready for connection directly to the tractor. An optional ISOBUS terminal can be supplied for tractors without a system already fitted. A simple comfort control terminal is also offered for those who value the more simplicity.

Machine control is via a load sensing spool block and for tractors with AUX N functionality all controls can be activated by the tractors joystick. This functionality reduces fatigue on long harvest days.

Running Gear

With strong parabolic springs fitted as standard and a compact wheel base the Repex makes for an agile and moveable unit. Longer road distances between field and farm yard are no problem even with large loads of fresh grass. A choice of tyres ensures users can specify a tyre that suits their needs. Wide flotation tyres and sophisticated axle compensation provide a light foot print and an easy pull.

A rear steering axle protects the grass sward for re-growth, reduces tyre wear and reduces the turning circle.

Modest Power Requirement

The efficient feed and cutting system on the Bergmann Repex requires a modest amount of power to drive it. By avoiding the need for a large tractor only for silage duties farmers are able to run a cost effective silage operation. Whilst the Repex has a low power requirements the drive line is engineered strong with a large gearbox capable of handling 300 hp. the Repex is built with the future in mind and a long operating life.

Combi Wagon

The Repex avoids using any ropes above the load bay. The loading system packs the grass and uses the PTO driven drum to form a tight load before the transport floor moves the load back. This means that the Repex can be utilised during maize harvest carting silage away from the harvester. Allowing farms to participate in the maize harvest increases the loader wagon utilisation and can reduce contractor charges for Maize harvest.