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An Efficient Harvest

Grain chasers from Bergmann are designed to handle large volumes of grain within an efficient harvest system.

With increasing pressures on the costs of production harvest efficiency is coming into sharper focus. Combine harvesters are being asked to cut more hectares. As a result they continue to get larger each season. Getting substantial quantities of grain back to the store with minimal labour, minimal cost and without delaying the combines can be a logistical tightrope.

The size of farmed units has also increased. It is common now for farms to be spread over large geographical areas. The haul now often considerable road miles. The huge harvesting capacities of combines demands that they be kept harvesting. Waiting on trailers is a costly pastime.


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Chaser Bins - Harvest Efficiency

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Chaser Bin - High Performance.

High speed unloading is essential to the performance of the chaser bin. A huge unloading auger rated at 1,100 tons per hour - on our larger units, is matched to an oversized power band drive train with cam clutch protection. This offers simplicity, minimal maintenance but maximises performance.

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Bergmann Field Friendly Suspension.

The '30 series chasers are fitted with the heavy duty Field Friendly hydraulic suspension as standard. When combined with the strong 150mm axles this results in a highly stable platform which treads surely but gently. Where farmed land includes slopes and hills the hydraulic suspension fitted to the chaser as standard is a must. Tyres with widths up to 800mm wide with a maximum of 30.5" rim diameter are able to be fitted giving minimal compaction - whilst still able to carry in excess of 30 tons of grain ready to swiftly fill an artic or waiting trailer.

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Grain Chasers - Simple Rugged Driveline

The latest Grain Chasers from Bergmann have a simple reliable power train with no drives behind the front drawbar. With only 1 gearbox and by utilising a huge power band reliability is ensured for many seasons. There are no hydraulic lines or rams inside the grain bin eliminating service issues when full or contamination problems from leaks or breakdowns.

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Engage/Disengage Drive to Tank Auger.

With the unique, simple and high capacity drive line of the Bergmann '30 series grain chasers you can engage and dis engage the drive to the tank auger which allows the unloading auger to empty. This means you can split the empty auger lowering the overall height in the field. Importantly it also reduces the stresses and strains associated with a large amount of grain being held in a large 600mm auger such is found in competitive systems.

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Grain Chaser - Adjustable Auger

Readily moveable through a wide range of reach and height this allows the operator confidence that they can fill the waiting trailer and make use of the huge performance with out over spill or missing the target. The hydraulically controlled end flap ensures that you are on target without having to shuffle over the whole chaser.

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Chaser Bin - Level Un Loading

The horizontal body auger with a varied pitch has the grain unload the tank evenly front to back to optimise weight distribution. This eliminates the accumulation of grain at the front when emptying into different sized vehicles and not always fully unloading. This attention to detail means drawbars are not overloaded and maximum performance guaranteed.

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Weigh Cells and Data Logging

Weigh cells mounted between the body and chassis the grain chaser accurately record yields but also give the driver an update stock take of what is onboard and what he will need to fill the anticipated truck or trailer. This prevents time losses from either not having enough grain onboard or waiting un necessarily for un required tonnage to be harvested. With etc huge unloading speed it also allows the operator to fill trucks swiftly without overloading or relying on truck mounted alarms.

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Grain Chaser Bin - The Efficient Harvest Concept

Grain Chaser with combine. Wheat harvest. Challenger tractor with Bergmann Grain Chaser

Chaser Bins - Bergmann Models and Specifications

Grain harvest with Grain Chaser. Fendt tractor and Bergmann GTW grain Chaser.