ISOBUS – Bergmann Spreaders


Bergmann is a member of the industry leading CCI partnership. Formed by a number of manufacturers to provide a common platform, hardware and software compatibility alongside common "apps". The system provides seamless integration with tractors ISOBUS screens but can also utilise the powerful stand alone CCI200 terminal for the ISOBUS control of its spreaders.

Fully Integrated ISOBUS

A fully integrated ISOBUS system means that signals such as tractor GPS data can be seamlessly shared amongst the machinery

Controls such as joysticks of an equipped tractor can also be assigned to the Bergmann machinery allowing full use of ergonomic joysticks, reduced operator fatigue and raising productivity.

The use of the common CCI hardware and the breadth of the CCI partnership ensures commonality across machinery and access to modern agricultural logistics applications. Offering managers the ability to plan jobs and route directions to operators or teams remotely knowing the machinery will arrive in the right place with the right information.