Continental Soil Technology

Distributors of a range of high quality agricultural machinery for sale throughout the UK.

The market leading agricultural machinery brands we are proud to handle share the common features of both performance and quality.

Our principle brands include:

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Bergmann produce a wide range of trailed Agricultural Machinery for both the grassland and arable sectors.

The family owned company has been producing machinery in Goldenstedt - Germany for well over 100 years.

A philosophy of producing quality machinery, at the forefront of technology yet at an affordable price has been at the heart of the company's evolution.

Well known for the market leading, highly accurate spinning disc manure spreaders the Bergmann range includes:

  • Manure Spreaders
  • Forage Wagons
  • Silage Trailers
  • Grain Chasers
  • Sugar Beet Chasers


FAE produce an innovative, heavy duty range of tractor mounted stabilisation crusher drums.

The comprehensive range is used in:

  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Track Recycling
  • Road and Ashphalt Recycling

Further details of the FAE Construction range can be found here




The Kirpy name is synonymous with the Big Yellow Stone crushers.


Having an association with the Kirpy brand for approaching twenty years we are well placed to able to guide you through the models, specifications and applications of the comprehensive range of machines.


The production facility in southern France has been making Kirpy machines for over 100 years. Today's range includes:


  • Heavy Duty Rippers
  • Stone Crushers
  • Stone Rakes
  • Stone Pickers



The Northern German trailer manufacturer Krampe produces high quality products for efficient, cost effective operation over a long productive working life.


Engineered for performance, reliability and longevity the Krampe range is suited to professional and discerning users alike.


  • Big body grain and silage trailers
  • Heavy Duty Dump trailers
  • Hook lift Trailers



The Kotte family produce the Garant range of slurry and digestate handling equipment. Specialising in quality bespoke tankers, transport and application systems.


The innovative solutions focus on the adoption of technological developments to ensure industry leading accurate applications. Productive and efficient distribution logistics are integral to the overall effectiveness of an application system and as such the full package is offered to include road tankers and docking systems.


  • Application Tankers
  • Transport Tankers
  • Docking Systems



images showing agricultural machinery

Based in Gloucestershire - Central Southern UK. Fortunately this provides good access to an extensive motorway network heading both North - South and East - West.

Equidistantly spaced between the ports for mainland Europe and those serving the Irish markets. Likewise the Arable heartlands of East Anglia, the more livestock oriented South west peninsula or the borders can all be reached within a few hours. Importantly this means most areas can be reached within a drivers shift before a mandatory rest period is required.

Direct sales ensures that the distribution chain is short without passing through many hands. This allows premium build machinery to be marketed at comparable competitive pricing to our competitors yet with the many specification and build advantages of the premium products.

In-depth product knowledge and experience allows us to go into great detail when specifying a machine. It also gives us the ability to offer detailed product support and back up.

Commonality of components across ranges means a readily available supply of spare parts. Often heavy duty components are utilised inn other ranges to facilitate both commonality and high reliability.

Utilising our own transport for demonstrations, imports and deliveries provides added adaptability. The nature of Agriculture is such that activities are dictated by the weather. With transport in our hands we are able to react to changes in weather are serve our chosen industry.

Please look through the web site and contact us to discuss your potential interest. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our products with you in detail.





Short chop forge wagons

Bergmann Forage Wagons - Huge 53 Knife Drum.

An industry leading 53 blades and full width rotor provides for a huge output and fantastic chop length

Bergmann offer a huge drum with 53 knives and a practically full width rotor.

This chopping unit is fitted as standard to the Shuttle range of loader wagons and is available as an option on the Carex range.

With an un beaten inter knife spacing of 34mm and a direct feed from the variable speed pick up, this offers both unrivalled performance and a superior chop length.

With a Carex 390K (39m3 DIN)  as our demonstrator this year we are offering potential users the opportunity to judge for themselves the benefits of this system and the build and performance of the Bergmann range of forge wagons.

For more details on the Bergmann range of Forage Wagons please visit our product page.


A Tipper AND A Walking Floor

Krampe Semi trailer Tipper and Walking Floor

Krampe continue to innovate with the development of the SKS range of trailers. Featuring both walking floor technology and a tipping body.

There is never one perfect solution for all applications. To this end Krampe have developed an adaptable trailer to be able to cover a general range of duties.

A tipper body with a walking floor integrated in the build allows the best of both worlds. For unloading in low buildings etc the walking floor can be used. For grain and similar materials the traditional tipping method can be adopted. For sticky materials a combination of both methods can be employed.

Extensive testing is finding an ever increasing list of products suited to this unique trailer.

Available in both off road Agro truck type configeration or standard street truck specifications.

Find out more on the Krampe range of trailers on our Krampe page.


Updated Grain Chaser Ranges

Bergmann grain chaser updated range harvest

The Bergmann GTW range has been updated for harvest 2020.

Bergmann's GTW grain chaser range has been updated.

The high capacity GTW 330 and 430 have now been joined by the 21m3 GTW 210 single axle unit and the tandem axle 30m3 GTW 30.

The new units replace the GTW 21 and GTW 25 that were introduced in 2001.

Developed for users who wish to utilise the harvest flexibility of a grain chaser, yet who do not require the capacities of the larger units. The full range now features similar styling, fully welded bunkers and all feature the same Bergmann build quality.

The new models also feature some modern innovations Such as the split capacity  twin bunker system.

The Twin bunker system permits the operator to select which compartment to empty allowing, for example, seed and fertiliser to be fed into a seed drill.

Both Models are now also able to be specified with weighing technology the same as the larger models.

Further details on the Bergmann Grain Chaser range can be found by visiting our Grain Chaser page for information as to how a Grain Chaser Bin can be utilised in a modern harvesting system.




Hooklifts and Dump Trailers - Real Versatility

Utilising tractors with these adaptive trailers adds to productivity

Large tractors can be further utilised throughout the year with the addition of Dump or Hook lift trailers. The significant investment that modern tractors demand and to make use of key skilled and experienced labour ensures availability in peak season whilst minimising overheads.

These professional units are well placed to perform and hold their own on construction sites or moving containers alike.

The comprehensive Dump trailer range from Krampe is headed by the HP half pipe range – Often copied – Never equalled. Adaptable SK square profile dump trailers fills the range and ensures that there is a Dump trailer for all needs. Find further details on our Dump trailer page.

The Krampe Hooklift range focuses on engineering to provide productivity through strength and a low centre of gravity. Stability - from sturdy chassis construction and the use of large diameter air bags gives security and a low loading angle. Custom builds and a large range of models matches specification to requirements.

Find our more on the Krampe Hooklift page