Continental Soil Technology Ltd

Distributors of a range of high quality agricultural machinery for sale throughout the UK.

The market leading agricultural machinery brands we are proud to handle share the common features of both performance and quality.

Our principle brands include:

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krampe walking floor tipper trailer

New Krampe 3 in 1 Walking Floor and Tipping Trailer.

Innovative and flexible trailer for demanding applications.

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New 2020 bergmann muck spreader models

New Bergmann Spreader Models for 2020.

With spread widths now up to 36m a new standard is set.

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new bergmann grain chasers for 2020

New Compact Grain Chaser models extends the range for 2020.

Capacities of 21 and 30 m3 compliment the existing models now ranging to 43m3

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repex 35k bergmann wagon

krampe hook lifts and dump trailers in quarry