Kirpy Stone Crushers

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Kirpy are the stone specialists. Best known for the Kirpy Stone Crushers. They have been manufacturing and developing these Big Yellow Stone Crushers for decades. The wealth of experience they have gathered is beyond compare

Whether Ripping out, Windrowing, Crushing and Picking Kirpy are the Stone Experts.

With advances in Tractor development Kirpy have kept pace and developed ever larger and more productive crushers and ancillary equipment. Crushers are now capable of working over 500mm deep and processing thousands of cubic meters of material per day harnessing the largest of today's tractors.

Kirpy machinery will be found processing rock and stone for sub bases in warehouse construction, recycling materials for farm roads and motorways alike, and on many of the notable sportsfield and amenity projects.

No two crushers will be performing the same duties with users ever adaptable at finding new ways of working and opportunities for the Kirpy Crusher.

Kirpy tractor mounted stone crusher mounted on Massey Ferguson tractor

Kirpy Heavy Duty Rippers

Kirpy Ripper heavy duty cultivator and road ripper

The Non-Stop NS Ripper from Kirpy has stood the tests of time.

Constructed to work in harmony with the Kirpy Stone Crusher this tool is designed to bring the stones up towards the surface and de-compact the ground.

Stone Rakes And Stone Pickers

Kirpy stone pickers working in field with stone rake and Kirpy crusher

Stone Rakes

Machines range from simple compact units to high capacity machines designed for arduous work season after season.

As Kirpy are experts at dealing with stones the range naturally offers stone rakes and stone pickers.

Kirpy stone rake with John Deere tractor

Stone Pickers

Kirpy produce two models of Stone Picker The 3420 and the industry leading RDL 15-25

Tractor Mounted Grader Blades

Tractor mounted road grader on fendt tractor

When using the Kirpy Stone Crusher for road and trackways our tractor mounted grader provides a camber quickly. Find out more on our Grader page.