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Kirpy Tractor Mounted Stone Crushers.

Kirpy are the stone specialists. Ripping out, Windrowing, Crushing and Picking. Best known for their range of Kirpy Tractor Mounted Stone Crushers they have been manufacturing and developing these crushers for decades. The wealth of experience they have gathered is beyond compare.

With advances in Tractor development Kirpy have developed ever larger and more productive crushers and ancillary equipment. Crushers are now capable of working over 500mm deep and processing thousands of cubic meters of material per day.

Kirpy machinery will be found processing rock and stone for sub bases in warehouse construction, recycling materials for farm roads and motorways alike, and on many of the notable sportsfield and amenity projects.

Kirpy tractor mounted stone crusher mounted on Massey Ferguson tractor

Kirpy Stone Crushers.

The Kirpy range of stone crushers are arguably the original and the best. Designed to crush stones and rocks with a controlled process rather to simply smash. This gives users the ability to produced a determined size of stone to suit the application. The Kirpy range is made up of rugged dependable machines with many users still operating machines purchased several decades previously. Models to suit tractors from 30 - 400 hp.

Kirpy Heavy Duty Auto Reset Rippers.

The Non-Stop NS Ripper from Kirpy has stood the tests of time. The profile of the forged solid steel legs means that rocks and foreign objects are pulled up out of the ground rather than the leg being tripped over them. Bringing these stones to the surface allows for further processing or removal. Built of a heavy duty construction the rippers have been utilised in major eathworks projects where rocks have precluded the use of standard techniques.

Kirpy Ripper heavy duty cultivator and road ripper