FAE Soil Stabilisation Drums

The FAE range of stabilisation machinery is unique in the features offered. Many market leading features place these machines at the forefront of stabilisation technology.

The long established FAE variable chamber philosophy and the Hybrid Crusher Stabiliser drums of the Multi task models presents operators with real world performance advantages.

As a concept the FAE range of Stabilisers offer:

Soil Stabilisation Tractor FAE MTM Lime Stabilisation

The Performance of a Dedicated unit with Tractor Mounted Versatility.

Tractor Mounted Soil Stabiliser Performance

  • Dedicated performance with tractor mounted versatility and capital expenditure
  • Eliminate the separate operation of oversize crushing
  • Reduce daily maintenance and spares and repair costs
  • High output with use of modern 500hp tractors
  • Eliminate power hungry hydrostatic transmissions

Soil Stabilisation FAE tractor mounted drum

FAE Stabiliser at work inn a quarry