FAE Soil Stabilisation Drums

The FAE range of stabilisation machinery is unique in the features offered. Many market leading features place these machines at the forefront of stabilisation technology.

The long established FAE variable chamber philosophy and the Hybrid Crusher Stabiliser drums of the Multi task models presents operators with real world performance advantages.

As a concept the FAE range of Stabilisers offer:

The Performance of a Dedicated unit with Tractor Mounted Versatility.

Tractor Mounted Soil Stabiliser Performance

  • Dedicated performance with tractor mounted versatility and capital expenditure
  • Eliminate the separate operation of oversize crushing
  • Reduce daily maintenance and spares and repair costs
  • High output with use of modern 500hp tractors
  • Eliminate power hungry hydrostatic transmissions

Soil Stabilisation Drums

Soil Stabilisation Drum

Soil Stabilisation Drums are used to incorporate binder agents to improve or stabilise soils and other unsuitable materials.

The process is reliant on the pulverisation of soils and materials to ensure thorough mixing. The FAE stabilisation drum range is unique with the inclusion of many professional features.  The ability to crush rock and stones without compromise to mixing sets these machines apart as being adapted to conditions contractors encounter.

Soil Stabiliser FAEFAE Stabilisation drums can be found operating in:

  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Asphalt Recycling
  • Stone Crushing
  • Road and Track Recycling

Soil Stabilisation is a widely adopted cost effective process used on many construction projects. Offering significant cost, environmental and timing benefits when compared to traditional Muck away and stone replacement.

Soil Stabilisation in broad terms is used to describe the treatment of materials with lime, cement and many other binders to achieve enhanced material properties for subsequent use in construction projects.

Soil Stabiliser Drum Working Lime StabilisationSoil Stabilisation could in practise involve the drying of Sub Soils or the addition of cement into a granular material for use as a stone replacement layer.

FAE have developed a range of machinery for use within the construction market. The FAE offerings are unique in so far as they are designed to be able to handle the toughest conditions and harness the largest of tractors to provide huge work rates.

Sites seldom present only the best of materials and often heavy clays are mixed with rocks and stones. This is especially true with brown field sites and when working on regeneration projects.

The FAE Soil Stabilisation Drum ranges are designed to offer operators a cost effective professional solution utilising modern high horse power tractors. This is done whilst not compromising the overall output or standards of operation.

Ashphalt Recycling

Asphalt recycling FAEA high density of tools and large diameter drums means the Multi Task range are efficient road recycling units.

The drum dropping beneath the frame ensures accurate depth control and direct recycling.

Heavy duty power trains with large, strong gearboxes means the machines can cope with the hardest of work, the largest of tractors and the highest outputs.

Contact us to discuss how the FAE range can offer cost effective recycling to the highest standards.

Stabiliser drum variable chamber

Asphalt Recycling FAE hybrid drum

Forest Roads - Stone Crushing

forest roads crusherThe efficient and rugged crushing action of the Multi task range doesn't mean there is compromise on crushing power.

The large diameter drums featuring the unique FAE tooling systems and hardox protection plates finds the Multitasks as happy at work on a forest road project as a clay stabilisation task.

The rugged build and versatility means that traditional unbound roads - which rely on the correct material gradings can easily be produced. An adjustable anvil and rear grid allow  control of material produced.

Where binder is to be introduced the range excels with the proven ability to incorporate, pulverise and the in drum water injection system allows accurate control of the hydration of binders.

Stone road stone crusher Fendt and FAE

Brownfield Soil Stabiliser crusher drum

Brown Field Remediation

brownfield crusher drumWorking one brown sites usually creates headaches for contractors with contamination from previous site uses or inadequate demolition practices.

Traditional stabilisers have suffered damage from oversize concrete, rocks and stones. The Crusher action of the Multitasks means users need no longer suffer excessive daily maintenance or more severe drum damage.

The FAE tooling system has not only a high density of tools but these are mounted into drum sockets which are designed for high impact loads.

Costs in downtime, repairs and spare parts is reduced with oversize material crushed within the acceptable matrix for layer compaction. With the FAE multi task range you have a site solution for every site - in 1 machine.

Soil Stabilisation FAE tractor mounted drum

Water Injection Directly Into The Chamber

FAE Water injection system working soil stabilisation of solar park

soil stabiliser water injection controlsWater application through nozzles directly into the mixing chamber. A choice of control systems allows the option for full computer control application rates in proportion to workin depth and forward speed.

Alternatively a simple to use control systems allows operators to determine the volumes of water needed to ensure optimum water content for the produced materials.

Easily accessible nozzles makes maintenance a simple affair and ensures reliable operation on site.

Soil Stabilisation Drum Water Nozzle

Machine Tooling

FAE Tools

FAE offers a number of optional tool choices on the stabiliser and hybrid crusher drums.

Typical round shank picks are offered right through to the heavy duty G3 tools.

These heavy tools offer outstanding performance even in heavy stoney and rock conditions and eliminate many hours of maintenance - increasing outputs and saving customers money.

The tools are mounted within sockets in the drum. The G3 tooling has an integral holder system and the round shanks are minted into a holder base.

All tools are changed by screw and avoids the heavy maintenance burden of cutting and replacement of common welded holders.




FAE G3 Tool

G3 HD tool

Heavy Duty Drive

The heavy duty engineering featured in the FAE range of Soil Stabilisers and Hybrid Crusher Stabilisers ensures even the largest of tractors are harnessed reliably.

The Hybrid drums feature large gearboxes with oil circulation and cooling circuits to cope with the largest of the tractors long term productivity. The Stabilisation range of stabilisers transmits power through large power bands. The power is turned into stabilising output through integral epicyclic gearboxes housed within the drums.

The efficient power transmission of the latest generation of tractors means the power is delivered to the attachments without any inefficient hydrostatic systems. This means the attachments have to be built strong to provide both output and reliability.


Heavy Duty Drive

Internal Wear Plates

hardox wear platesThe original design concept of the Hybrid Drums was for them to be able to cope with the abrasive conditions expected with crushing and processing large volumes of material. The drum and tooling is one half of the equation with its readily changed tooling. It is important that the frame of the machine must also be protected to ensure a long productive life.

The internal wear plates are all changeable without resorting to burning and re-welding. The rugged frame is protected by thick Hardox plates which can easily be replaced in an off season workshop visit. This ensures that the FAE hybrid drums are available for many seasons and provide thousands of hours of work in the lifetime.


FAE Stabilisation Drum Factory

FAE are a well respected producer of professional machines around the world. Based in Fondo, Sud Tirol - Northern Italy.

FAE are producing powered attachments for Tractors, Excavators and self propelled power units. These machines are seen working in the Construction, Forestry and Land clearing markets.

Continental Soil Technology are proud to be responsible for the Construction range of FAE machinery which centres on material processing and Soil Stabilisation. We are the construction dealers throughout the UK and Ireland.


FAE Service vanWith some 20 years of experience in the market we are best placed to be able to offer our customers a level of dedicated support.

Parts and technical support is only phone call away.

In-depth product knowledge and extensive experience as to its application means we are able to assist all our customers with the technical aspects of getting the most out of the machinery we supply. This extends to assistance in practical on site issues with the use of various binders matrixes and how to adopt the various regulatory frameworks for best results.

on site support Soil StabilisationAs a small dedicated team we are able to offer a personal service and level of support and experience that is not available through larger multi-nationals.

We aim to ensure that our customers prosper in what is often a new venture. Our customers success is the best advertising available.

FAE Stabiliser at work inn a quarry


MT Multi Task Stabilisation Drums- Variable Chamber & Mobile Rotor

FAe Stabiliser with fendt tractor

The Multitask range lives up to its name and is designed to be able to perform as a stone crusher, road recycler and soil stabilisation drum.

The Multi Task range features a heavy duty construction with large diameter drum, rugged gearbox drives and variable chamber mixing design.

These features facilitate crushing rocks and stones whilst mixing in a binder to a controlled depth.

The high density of rugged G3 tools gives the power to crush and also ensures a quality mixing and pulverisation.

Working depths of up to 500mm are achieved.

Soil Stabilisation crushing of rocks

MTL - Crusher Stabiliser

FAE Stabiliser drum MTL

MTM / MTM HP - Crusher Stabiliser

FAE Soil Stabilisation Crusher Drum MTM

MTH / MTH HP - Crusher Stabiliser

FAE Heavy duty tractor mounted stabiliser crusher drum

Soil Stabilisation High Output Drums

Soil Stabiliser FAE Stabi

Where outright performance without compromise is needed the Stabi ranges come to the fore.

Maintaining the mobile rotor and variable drum concept in the Stabi and offering a cost effective fixed rotor in the Stabi FR there is a unit to suit all users.

RSL Compact Crusher Stabiliser Drums

FAE RSL Mutitask Crusher Compact tractor mounted

A simple compact crusher stabiliser unit the RSL offers users great adaptability and performance.

The compact nature of the fixed drum unit means the RSL performs well in rural road recycling, Forestry roads, and smaller stabilisation sites.

Skid Steer Crusher Stabiliser Drums

Skid Steer Stone Crusher

Increasing the adoption of stabilisation techniques on smaller sites needs a compact unit to process material.

The Skid Steer mounted STC SSL unit offers such an adaptable unit.

High flow hydraulics provide the power to crush and mix.

Hydraulic flow dividers are employed to facilitate controlling multiple circuits without the need to fit complicated systems onto the skid steer. A choice of electrical connections facilitates seamless integration with the skid steer and use of joystick controls and high flow power modes.