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The industry leading reputation of Krampe trailers goes before them. With specifications that have been developed and enhanced over decades. The latest range of Krampe Trailers we are offering is what modern Farms and Contractors are now demanding.

Krampe - A Full Range - And A Trailer To Suit All Needs.

No two users businesses are alike - although the need for efficiency, productivity and controlling costs remains. To this end our wide range, with quality at their core starts with simple single axle tipping trailers right through to Triaxle moving floor Bandit trailers and articulated semi-trailers. Krampe has a trailer to suit nearly all needs.

The family business of Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH celebrated its One Hundredth Year of operation during 2018.

The family company is now run jointly by August and his son Robin Krampe (third and fourth generation)  - still fully owned and run by the founding family.
Back In 1918, the company was still involved in the supply of electricity infrastructure to the surrounding farms.

In 1921, it added a second string to its bow by opening a smithy and horseshoeing service. Over the years, the agricultural machinery workshop developed into Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

Since moving to the former Barracks in Coesfeld-Flamschen, Krampe has been a major player in the agricultural engineering sector, enjoying an outstanding reputation for building high quality custom trailers.

2018 proved a milestone for the Krampe company with three celebrations in one

  • Krampe moved into its new company headquarters ten years ago
  • The August Krampe turned 60
  • The company is marking its 100th anniversary

Krampe will be celebrated its centenary with its customers and came up with something very special for the occasion - They produced and sold 100 trailers (no more, no less) in an exclusive black paint finish and with a high-quality safety package. And optional extras.Three popular models have been selected for this limited edition

  • The Halfpipe HP 20
  • Big Body 540
  • Big Body 750

The special edition models are not only being given a black paint job but also have exclusive markings and a distinctive type plate bearing the consecutive numbers 1 to 100.
These hundred trailers were limited in their availability, i.e. we have allocated a set number of trailers for our dealers in Germany and abroad in order to guarantee a fair distribution. These trailers quickly found new homes and will be hard at work for many years to come.

In addition  reminder can be found marking the Krampe centenary.  The popular model builder Siku produced a commemorative miniature. Like the real thing this is also the Krampe Halfpipe HP 20 special edition but on a scale of 1:50

The Krampe conclude the celebrations with the statement that as a company they look forward to tackle the challenges of the next 100 years!







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Krampe - Development & Evolution.

Rather than reacting to the latest trends, Krampe can draw on extensive knowledge having evolved these trailers over many years. With immeasurable experience in sophisticated  running gear, higher gross train weights. Also with unrivalled interaction with highly intensive users across mainland Europe. Modern domestic trends towards larger tractors and trailers and the recent increases in road weight limits brings us ever closer to our European neighbours. This adds increased relevance to the impressive portfolio of products we can offer from Krampe today.

man bb semi

Krampe - Quality On Wheels.

All trailers follow the same simple design and build premise. Specifying the correct trailer from day one allows for operational performance savings to be made during the long life time of the trailer. This gives a low operating cost but with highly productive machinery.