Kotte Garant

Market Leading Experience

Kotte Garant are the market leaders for Digestate handling equipment in the home market of Biogas - Germany.

Producing a range of machinery and equipment that matches the requirements of the industry. All aspects of the process chain store to field are covered from docking stations, transport tankers, field nurse tanks and sophisticated liquid application tankers - A fully integrated solution is available to suit specific requirements, and nearly anything is possible.



Application Tankers.

Tandem, Tri-axle, Quad-axle and Self Propelled application systems and tankers. With both Vacuum and positive displacement systems available machinery can be specified to suit budgets, volumes, application system and to suit application rates. All machinery is order bespoke with an extensive range of options thereby avoiding the extensive compromises of adapting standard production units to fulfil precision roles.

garant slurry tanker

Application Systems.

The full range of application systems can be mounted onto the tankers. From Trailing shoe, strip till, shallow discs and cultivators through to the widest boom applicators. With pump specification, axle location and linkage geometry specified for optimum and exacting performance.

Kotte garant Strip till Kuhn Striger

Docking Stations and Fill Systems.

Automated coupling to stores and transport vehicles in a safe manner ensures daily output and maximises returns on investment.

With a full range of system available to cater for varying situations and requirements.

Docking Station

Truck Tankers.

The nature of Slurry and Digestate requires a purpose made trailer for optimal function. The compact wheelbase, durable chassis and features ensures these units perform in this demanding role. Equipment and pumping systems can be optimised for varying systems.

Kotte Garant Truck tanker