Grain Chaser Bin Concept – Bergmann


Chaser Bin = Harvest Efficiency.

The grain chaser bin and its operator forms the link between the harvester and the transport chain. This allows the combine operator to maximise performance without trying to co ordinate a large number of trailers often operated by seasonal staff. The ability to unload un compromised by trying to fit in with the trailers, versus the length of runs, trying to ensure a full trailer leaving but also an empty grain tank - all means harvester outputs are often raised by 20% and stresses reduced. This output can be argued to lead to an earlier finish and potentially ensures quality and premiums.

Bergmann grain chaser harvest wheat


Chaser Bin Gives Reduced Ground Compaction.

Trailers have to strike a balance between flotation whilst in the field at a lower speed and high loads and speeds on the roads.

The chaser bin can operate with large flotation tyres inflated to a pressure to suit the operation within the field. Combined with the standard hydraulic suspension, which ensures the load is shared equally amongst the wheels, this results in a reduced compaction despite the increased capacity of the chaser vs the trailer.

Chaser bin quadtrac grain harvest


Chaser Bins and Controlled Traffic Farming.

Using a chaser bin can control the in field harvest movements without compromising the integrity of the system. Unloading on predefined bouts results in field length passes to take grain from combines. The increased infield requirements this creates is often the undoing of the traditional trailer system that has worked in the past. A choice of tyres and rim settings can match the wheel track of the chaser to your chosen system.

controlled traffic farming with grain chaser harvest UK


Utilise Road Transport.

The use of artic trucks for harvest movements gets large volumes of grain moved swiftly, economically, safely and within legal weight regulations. To maintain the efficiency and rhythm it is important to be able to fill the trucks to capacity within one visit. The Bergmann GTW 430 Chaser Bin can carry over 34 tons of wheat which allows for a truck full with a buffer to allow for combine timings.

Chaser bin unloading grain into truck at grain harvest